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Recreational Dispensaries In California

Visit Captain Jacks weed store when comparing recreational dispensaries in California- you’ll find we have just what you need for your next party or for personal use at home. We feel that as one of California’s leading cannabis dispensaries, we have an obligation to our customers to keep prices at their absolute lowest. To that end, we offer many ways to save when you shop at our dispensary:

  • Daily deals
  • Discounts for seniors, veterans, and Teamsters
  • Birthday discounts
  • Rewards
  • Wake & Bake
  • Happy Hour prices

5 Best Selling Cannabis Items Sold At Captain Jacks

1. Not all recreational marijuana dispensaries in California keep high CBD products in-stock. At Captain Jacks, we have a terrific selection of both THC and CBD items. If you need a high CBD content product to address pain or medical condition symptoms for times when you don’t feel like getting high, consider our CBD drops, CBD bath bombs, CBD transdermal patches, CBD chocolate, CBD pain cream, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD gummies.

2. We think one of LA’s best dispensaries should have a generous selection of cannabis strains on-hand to meet the needs of customers. For this reason, when you shop with us, you’ll have access to one of the largest cannabis inventories in the area, including Sativa and Sativa dominant strains, Indica and Indica dominant strains, and Hybrid strains. Shop on our website by category, strain type, or effect.

3. Everyone loves to indulge in a cannabis edible and it seems like every customer has their favorite, whether it’s a THC chocolate, gummies, cookies, or candy. Dr Norms 100mg Crispy Chocolate cannabis infused bars are a very popular item at Captain Jacks and are sold by the best weed dispensaries around California. One bite and you’ll understand why we work so hard to keep Dr Norms in stock in our cannabis store. With 100mg of CBD, you get a lot for your money when you invest in Dr Norms.

4. Pre-rolled blunts are another item at Captain Jacks we are asked about on a daily basis. We understand the dilemma for smokers who are challenged at rolling bud and we’ve dealt with the problem once and for all. Pre-rolls eliminate the need to clean your cannabis, pick it apart, keep papers on hand, and go through the mess of rolling one when friends stop by. Order blunts as a single, in packs of 6, or in packs of 10- pre-roll prices are very affordable when you shop with us.

5. We’re rated one of California’s best medical cannabis dispensaries and weed shops for our commitment to keeping many items in stock that other dispensaries don’t have on hand. Disposable vape cartridges are high on our customers list of THC products they look for when visiting our dispensary- check with us for dozens of vape items, including 45-Night Sleep Pens.

Shop online for the most convenient experience when purchasing cannabis from Captain Jacks. If you’re in the area, stop in and have a look around one of the state’s most reputable recreational dispensaries in California.

Recreational Dispensaries In California

Captain Jacks Dispensary

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